Monday, 18 September 2017

Concrete Mixer and his friends

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A Poem by Olinda Menon 

For months now, I'm working on this site
Routine is upsetting, but with who do I fight 
A drum on my back that keeps on revolving
Mixing components required for concreting
Coz I am a big mixer, a Concrete Mixer
Mostly stationed in one place but a real fixer
However, some of  my friends they move from one place to another 
And when they have time we all meet here
One of them ensures the city is green
He collects all trash and keeps it clean
Clean-Up truck all call him wherever he is seen

The second one is aggressive and always angry
Cannot blame him because he is very friendly
Digging and cutting, dredging and mulching
Excavator Truck’s job is really too tiring.

The third one I meet once in a while
Cause he is always on run, for miles
Goods Carrier we call him, transporting goods
Because of him humans get food

The next is my companion, his always around
Carries all loose materials and dumps it down
Full of humour and life never is he masked
With love, we call him Dumper, no questions asked

Finally comes my favourite, the tiniest of all
Some seasons he is so busy will not answer our calls
On the fields ploughing, seems a poor soul
Farm tractor he is, feeding the nation is his goal
There are others too, they don’t much mix
But close to each other's heart are we all six.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Kargy lives upto Mumbai Spirit

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It was the end of August and Kargy the Cargo container was resting in godown as it was its day off. In the evening around it was awakened by sounds of some vehicles coming inside the godown. It opened its eyes to see 2-3 fully drenched trucks entering the godown.
They informed Kargy how it was raining incessantly outside and Mumbai city had pools of water everywhere, so much water that even the tyres of the trucks had sunk in it.
They kept on chattering and telling stories of how some cars are floating in water, people are stranded on road and nothing is moving. These trucks also told how they heard stories of people helping all those who were stuck etc.
 This really moved Kargy and he asked the trucks “Can’t we do something to help the people”.
The trucks laughed at him and said: “We have just managed to come here after being in the rain for more than 5 hours, we don’t have any motivation to even move”.
Saying this they just went to sleep.Kargy could not rest and he started honking to call his owner. When his owner came he whispered in owners ear “can you park me out on the road and leave me there instead of inside the godown”. First, the owner resisted but then he agreed. He went to other truck and moved some cartons and loaded them on Kargy.
Kargy asked, “What are you loading these cartons on me for, now?”
The owner said, “you shall see.”
He drove the Cargo Container out of godown to the nearest junction of the main roads and on the service road parked Kargy.
He then got down and opened the behind door and asked the people to climb in and rest inside the container. He also told them that there are few biscuits inside if they want to eat.

Many people who were stranded on the road climbed inside Kargy and took shelter in the container. Kargy was very happy that it could help so many people.
Next day rain stopped and everyone thanked the owner for his timely help. But the owner said it was Kargy’s idea and they all thanked him.
One man came towards Kargy and told him, “You enhanced the ‘Mumbai Spirit’”
“Mumbai Spirit! Whats that?” Kargy asked.

The man replied,”it’s attitude of people of Mumbai, and Mumbai spirit symbolises resilience & Camaraderie under all circumstances".

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Ganesha Fulfills Lauri's Wish

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There lived a truck its name was Lauri and it was a goods carrier. It used to travel all over India sometimes to Kanyakumari, sometimes to Kashmir. It also travelled to Arunachal Pradesh and even Bhuj. It used to travel the length and breadth of India delivering goods.

One day as its driver was resting in a village and it heard loud music. It turned around to see that there was a very decorated horse and a man was sitting on it. There were people dancing on the tunes that were played by the band in front of the truck.
Lauri was awed by this beautiful sight. 
It asked the fellow truck " What is happening? Why are they dancing?"
The other truck replied "Oh! this man on the horse is going to get married and these people are expressing their joy and excitement by dancing"
Lauri replied "That horse is surely lucky! I wish I am decorated like this and someone sits on me and goes to get married. It's so boring carrying only jute bags and heavy things around. People dancing in front of you and all is so exciting and royal. I really envy the horse"
The other truck replied "That's very wishful thinking, but no one gets married on a truck"
Though Lauri was disappointed it started imagining that it was decorated and people are playing music and dancing in front of it. Every night it would dream of this and go to sleep.

After some months Lauri was awakened by its driver and cleaner scrubbing it clean with all their might. Lauri was surprised as it was a Sunday and supposed to be a rest day. 
Soon there were a group of people who started decorating it with flowers. Lauri was perplexed but very happy.
Soon she was driven out of the truck terminal in Mumbai and taken to Parel. There were a lot of people around. Lauri was very excited. 
Soon the crane came and asked it " Are you ready for the big responsibility ?"
"Responsibility?" asked Lauri
"Yes, you have to drive very slowly and steadily avoiding all potholes and speed breakers," the crane said 
"Ok I will do that. But what is it that I am going to carry on me that you are creating so much of fuss. I have been driving on Indian roads for few years now and am not a novice driver." Lauri said slightly irritated.
"I am not doubting your capability but you see I am going to load Mumbai's favourite Lalbagcha Raja on you and you have to really take care"

Lauri Could not believe it was all happening and it was living its dream. 
Soon the idol was loaded on it. there were more than a 100 people who were around it and dancing and shouting "Ganpati Bappa Morya"

Lauri though to itself what I heard was so right " Believe in your dream. Nothing is impossible"

Monday, 21 August 2017

Golden Light Within

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In the small village of Phey near Leh, there was an ancient Buddhist temple with a big statue of Buddha. Since it was a very old temple the villagers decide to do structural repairs to it. 
The big statue had to be moved and they called a special crane from the Border Road Organisation, Ladakh.

The crane lifted the statute to be moved temporarily to a safe place so that it does not get damaged. The weight of the statue was very much and it was getting difficult for the crane to lift it and it
slipped from the hook and it fell with a thud.
The crane was very scared it felt now villagers will get angry on it and maybe throw stones , break it apart and throw in junkyard , a lot of  worse case sceanarios in its head.
The village headman got worried and since it was almost dark, he said he will do a detailed check tomorrow and try to resolve it. It stared at the crane sending shudders down its spine, but did not say anything to the crane. 

Unexpectedly that night it started to rain and this got the whole village worried. they removed their flashlights and lighted some torches and visited the site of the statue. The crane held some fire torches to help the villagers. It also apologised to the village headman and told him that it was feeling very guilty. 
There was a slight crack on one of the sides of the statue and when the light of flashlight reached the inside of the statue they were surprised to see a brighter light gleaming back. They decided to take a closer look at this gleam of light and wondered whether there was anything underneath the clay.
They asked the clay sculptor to get his tools and chisel some more part on the side to check what is there inside. 
The sculptor started to work and after some chipping, he felt something metallic inside the clay. He sought permission to chip more as it was difficult to guess what this metal was. 
The head man asked if the villagers want to go ahead or stop as they held huge respect for the statue. The villagers said they were also curious to know what is inside. 
After hours of chipping throughout the night, all were astonished to see a huge solid gold Buddha. 
'No wonder I was not able to lift it', thought the crane to itself,' I was doubting my abilities as I was thinking how was I not able to lift a clay statue'.
The oldest villager was called to explain. He said he doesn't remember his generation covering it with clay but has faint memory of his grandfather telling him stories about this, which he assumed was only his grandfather's imagination. 
He also said that his grandfather gave a very important lesson which he would like to share since the gold statue was true . His grandfather always used to end his story with this lesson which he did not understand as he was too small. He took some time to remember and scribble and rewrite plenty of time what the lesson was, as he was very old. 

Finally he finished and said his grandfather's words were  "Like that Gold Buddha many of us have allowed the gold within us to be covered by the clay of fear, doubt and other factors that don't allow us to shine and keep the beauty within us trapped. Somewhere on path of growing up we begin to cover our Golden self with lots of self -doubt , guilt , shame , mistrust and many more negative layers and develop low self -esteem because of the things we experience and because of the things that are said to us and the negative meanings we associate with our experiences that cause us to undervalue ourselves. We should become the sculptor of our lives and chip away all the unwanted layers and discover our true essence again."
The village headman said , "that's an awesome lesson we have learnt for our life and let us all practise it. But first let us thank the crane else we would not have discovered this statue."
All the villagers thanked the crane and the crane was happy.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

4WD’s Transformation

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That afternoon Miri the mirror was wakened by sounds of breaking things and loud voices of what seemed like a small boy. 
"Here comes the notorious 4WD," said the wardrobe.

"Who is 4WD ", asked Miri is astonishment.
"One of the reasons you are here" said the study table
"I don't understand" Miri Said
"Well he is the notorious child who is used to breaking things and throwing tantrums. He broke the Mirror that was there and now you have come in its place. I miss Maggie the old mirror so much," said the wardrobe.
Just then, 4WD the monstrous truck barged into the room threw its bag down and started to break and throw things around the room in anger. 
"Hello, how are you?” Miri Said to 4WD
"Who are you and why are you so concerned" 4WD said
"I am a mirror that reflects what’s on outside and I also am impartial in showing you what is reflected back"
"What are you talking? I do not understand. Explain else I will smash you, similar to what I did to the one that was there earlier" 4WD said
Miri replied, "Well though everyone thinks it’s just a mere reflection it really depends on what is reflected back. Everyone will see something different, determined by his or her focus, attitude and current mood or situation. For example, one day you can look at yourself and feel good with what is reflected back at you and another day, although you may have exactly the same clothes on, you may not feel so good about what is reflected back. So what makes the difference between one day and another?
Well, quite simply - attitude or interpretation. Because we believe that what is being reflected back to us is the reality, we forget that this reflection is actually just an inverted mirage being held up in front of us.
I also know that you are a good boy on the inside, so if I may ask what is it that's making you bad on the outside".
"You have courage Miri" the wardrobe said "and your words had so much depth"
"You know all the other cars tease me in school for being huge size. I had no friends. My parents are very busy with their work and I think this is the best way to seek their attention," said 4WD.
"Do you have any friends now?" Miri asked.
"No But at least now they are scared of me and don't make fun of me" said 4WD.
"Is that what you want? Additionally you keep on breaking things that your parents have to work harder to earn the money to replace them, So the more you break things the lesser you will see of them and ultimately they will get fed up of you and put you in boarding school" Said Miri
"I want people to like me and not make fun of me"
"See 4 WD first you have to stop putting yourself down! You are beautiful! Okay, you may be big but you also have strength. Why don’t you harness your strength to become stronger and help other people as well? I have heard so many heroic stories of monster trucks and you could be like them. In addition, why do you need external validation from your peers, if they do not like you it is their problem not yours. Friendship does not see size or colour. It’s better to have no friends than to have shallow friends," Miri said.
"I will try to follow what you have suggested" 4WD, said
"I will support you in whatever way I can," said Miri.

Next day when 4WD glanced in the mirror before leaving for school Miri quickly said, “You are a good and helpful boy". This became a routine everyday that began to change 4WD.
He stopped fighting in school, started to enjoy studying. In breaks, he started helping the school gardener or janitor doing odd jobs. They thanked him profusely and he started enjoying it. 
At home, as well he started helping around and all of them were able to spend some quality time together.
He became a happier person and stopped his tantrums. His parents were surprised and happy with his positive change.
During annual day after all the festivities were over the school principal came on dais and asked everyone to be seated for a special announcement. To everyone's astonishment, the principal called 4WD on stage and told the audience about how he had helped all the people in his lunch break and sometimes even after school and he will be given a special prize for the most helpful student. 
4WD went home and showed his prize to Miri and told her "Its all because of you I got this"
Miri said, “I was motivator no doubt but you took positive action without which you would not have reached where you are. I am very happy that you listened to me positively and did not smash me into pieces"

Everyone laughed and were happy that 4WD had transformed.

The Images used are of  actual best selling and award winning Cars of Shinsei . Needing no batteries, these little wonders are bound to keep the child happy.


Friday, 16 June 2017

Dory Enjoys in Real World

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Dory was mad about playing games on the iPad or computers. She would spend hours and hours in front of the screen. Her favourite was the car and bike racing games. As soon as she used to come back from school she would finish her homework early and study for a while and then play the games. She never went to play outside only in front of the computer. 
Her parents and relatives tried to tell her the benefits of playing with others and outside but she never listened to them. She used to say "I am very happy in my own world, my digital world is the real and best place to be." 
Then one summer vacation her parents decided to take her to a cousin's place in the village to show her what real world is. 
She did not want to go when she heard that there might be no internet but agreed on the condition that she can take her iPad with her and she downloaded a lot of games on it. 
On the night before they were leaving her mother removed the iPad from her bag and kept it in the study table drawer quietly.

On reaching her cousin's place she wanted to play on the iPad but could not find it. She got very angry and sulked in the guest room and did not want to meet or play with the cousins.
After some time she was bored she came out and saw her cousin Aahana waiting to play with her outside the room. She started talking to her and asked her how she doesn't get bored without computer games or iPad.
Aahana  said smiling "we can play with toys, climb trees and pluck the fruit, play on the swings made on trees, sail boats in rivers, All this and much more."
Dory Said," I like to play only the car racing games on the computer".
Aahana said "Come with me"
Dory followed Aahana to her room and saw many toys and games. Aahana removed a box and laid a big cardboard which had a racing track on it on the floor. "Choose a car from this and lets play racing game in real"
Dory was very happy and she chose white and red colour racer car and Aahana chose a yellow and blue colour. They started playing and racing and Dory was really enjoying.

They were giggling and clapping and her parents saw that and were very happy.

They used to play racing for hours and Dory realised that playing with actual cars is much more fun than playing on video games. She also had fun playing on swings, sailing paper boats in rivers,  plucking fruits riding bullock carts.

Soon the fortnight flew by and it was time for her to go back. She was very sad but promised Aahana that she will visit her next year too.

Her parents were worried that she would return to video games and Ipad once she is home.
On reaching home she ran to her room and switched on her computer, her parents were disappointed but she came back in an hour with a paper in hand and money from her piggy bank which she had collected over the years.
"Dad, can you please take me to the market" she asked her father.
"Of Course! but what do you want to purchase?" ashed her father quite surprised
"I want to buy some toy racing cars like Aahana had and also some craft material like cardboard , paints stickers etc to make a racing track. I had gone to download the template of the same and made a list of materials required" Dory Said.
Her parents were very happy and they took her to market to buy her real cars and toys.
She made the racing track too and played actual racing for hours. She now used Ipad and Computers to do her school projects only.
She also started riding her cycle and playing with other children in the building. and now she said Digital world is very good but real world is better.

The Images used are of  actual best selling and award winning Cars of Shinsei . Needing no batteries, these little wonders are bound to keep the child happy.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Schooly cures Benny’s bad habit

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Benny used to be late every morning. He would either make the school bus wait or break the queue if he reached just in time the bus arrived. He never had consideration for children who were there before him, and just barged in the queue and take his favourite window seat.

All the children on school bus got very angry and decided they would not talk to him anymore and avoid him.

Benny initially was not affected as he thought its just matter of 2-3 days and they would be normal. But a week passed and they did not talk to him.

Benny was sad and he sat in one corner of the bus. The school bus, Schooly was always very jolly and made fun with all the children. He asked Benny why was he sad and not having fun like other children.

Benny told him how he is always late, broke queues, and now other children had stopped talking to him.

“Why don’t you come on time then?” asked Schooly. “You can have your favourite seat without breaking queue”

“It gets late at night watching TV, and then I am unable to wake up early”, said Benny.

“Have you even tried getting up early or you are enjoying getting what you want by being a bully and not getting up on time. You will lose all your friends if you continue to protect your bad habits,” said Schooly.

“I am not protecting my bad habit ok”, said Benny angrily. ”I have tried but was unsuccessful”

“See it's already become your nature then, and no one will want to be your friend again,” Schooly said.

“Do you have any idea that will help me change, I promise I will put in my best effort?” Benny said.

“Tell me how you get up every day,” Schooly asked Benny.

“I keep alarm but generally put it off without getting up. Then somehow I hear your horn and then rush to get ready and reach the bus stop”, Benny said.

“That’s funny, you cannot get up with alarm clock next to you but you get up on the sound of the school bus horn,” Schooly said laughing continuously.

“My brain has got used to this” Benny said.
“well then I have a perfect cure for you,” Schooly said.

“You do,” Benny asked surprised.

“I will do Magic tomorrow,” Schooly said.

Next morning Benny heard the horn of school bus and as usual rushed to get ready and reached the bus stop. To his surprise, he was the first one to reach and all his friends were still walking towards the bus stop.

Schooly came and Benny rushed in and kept his bag on his favourite seat and no one complained. He asked Schooly “What Magic did you do”

Schooly said, “My Sister passes by your house to pick up children of another school an hour earlier and since she sounds like me I asked her to stop by your house and honk 4-5 times.”

“That’s very clever,” Benny said.

Soon it became a routine and Benny started to reach the bus stop before anyone else did. He also started to sleep early as he had promised Schooly to change his bad habit and not to protect it.

All his friends started to play with him again and bus rides to and from school became more fun.